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Meet The Team


Meet The Team


Lynne Couillard-Blance – Office Manager & CA
Once upon a time, Lynne had a very bad experience with another chiropractor and swore them off forever. Upon being offered the position at Blanchard Chiropractic she learned about the science and wellness aims of chiropractic care, as well as the philosophy and practice of Dr. Bill. Her resolve began to waiver and finally tipped after hearing the clients gushing about how wonderful his technique is. Lynne decided it was time to not only sit behind the desk but also take a turn on the table, and hasn’t regretted it for one moment. Happy to answer your questions and share stories, Lynne is here to help you navigate the magical world of Blanchard Chiropractic. When not focusing on the office she can be found planning unique gatherings for friends or tiptoeing through the garden, sometimes both simultaneously.  She is a proud mother and wife, an herbalist, artist, adventurer with a deep passion for living life to its fullest, and in general the office goofball. Chipper, even at 7:15am, she will make you feel welcome the moment you open the door.


Mary Ellen Blanchard – Community Outreach Assistant Mary Ellen retired from a 28 year career in secondary education in June 2011. She is responsible for all of the community outreach marketing programs in the office. Her goal is to gain office exposure in the county wide area; she is constantly teaching others about the science and powers of chiropractic care.She believes that anyone with a spine should be in care to optimize the body’s peak abilities for health and healing. She is very proud of the balanced care approach of the office that gives patients the choice of dual chiropractic and orthopedic massage collaboration.In her free time, Mary Ellen can be found walking her dogs and spending time with family and friends. She is active in animal well-being and care. She is a firm believer that a nation’s care of its animals is a direct correlation to a nation’s care of its people.


Brian K. Hultman – Licensed Massage Therapist

I graduated from Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage in 2003 and have completed advanced training in Orthopedic Massage, Sports Massage, Oncology Massage, Reiki, various energy modalities, and the use of essential oils.

When treating a clients tense muscles and injuries, I do not go by the rule of “No Pain, No Gain”. I only use enough pressure to release the muscles in question, not beyond. Most times I’ll use stretching during your session to allow your muscles to release without applying extra pressure. Your muscles might be sore for a day or two after treatment, but not usually beyond that.

I’ve always enjoyed helping others, and this allows me to do just that. Once the muscles have been released, I assist/show my clients how to stretch properly to keep the muscles in a relaxed state.

To make an appointment with me at Blanchard Chiropractic PLLC, Schedule Now.  Please give me a call at 585-330-0032 if you do not see a time that works with your schedule.

To go to my website, My Website.


John T. Scott – Licensed Massage Therapist

John graduated from Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage in 2004 and has completed advanced training in Orthopedic Massage, Sports Massage, Myofascial Release and Assisted Isolated Stretching.

John is a treatment therapist who specializes in back, neck, shoulder, and hip issues. He feels, a key element to receiving a great massage is open communication between the client and the therapist. His deep tissue massage allows for much more flexibility and strength in those areas. He has the magical power in finding your problematic areas with the first touch.

Please contact me by email ( or by phone (585-303-1469) to schedule your appointment today.